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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hormone Pellets

Thank you, dear readers, for your inspiring inquiries regarding hormones.

I recently received this question regarding hormone pellets.

To: deborah@lovedance.com

Are you a doctor?

I read your article on Seattlepi.com posted on May 23, 2008.

I have some questions regarding estrogen and testosterone shots. I wasn't sure if you could answer some questions or not.

I had very low readings for estrogen, testosterone and progesterone and my doctor suggested Mesopellet.

The following paragraph is from his website:

These pellets are approximately the size of a lentil and are derived from botanical products, mostly soy products and formulated and customized just for you in a compound pharmacy. The reason he uses Bio-Identical Hormones is that they possess the identical structure of human hormones inserted under local anesthesia. The procedure is simple, after local anesthesia is administered the pellet is placed painlessly under the skin either in the hip or buttocks.

Do you know anything about this procedure and would you recommend it?

Thank you, T

Dear T,

No, I am not a doctor. I am a board certified family nurse practitioner specializing in neuro-immune-endocrinology with twenty years experience in natural hormonal therapies.

Yes, I do have experience with hormone pellets. Although the hormones used are plant derived bio-identical, it is very difficult to regulate levels once the pellets are implanted. If you have a reaction they cannot be removed. Furthermore, your body does not make hormones at the same level every day. If you use transdermal or sublingual hormone replacement therapy, you can adjust the hormones daily according to your needs. Your body also needs at least a 3 day break from hormones every month (like a period) to clear the cell receptor sites so that they do not become desensitized and eventually resistant to the hormones.

I prescribe plant derived bio-identical hormones for my patients suffering with the symptoms of hormonal transitions--like menopause-- but I also recommend natural supplements to enhance the body's ability to make its own hormones, balance the hypothalamus which orchestrates the hormonal symphony, and provide micronutrient cofactors to help the body safely metabolize the hormones.

Genesis Gold® is the natural supplement I developed to help patients get their hormones in balance. Genesis Gold® supports their use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy by providing necessary micronutrients to safely metabolize and detoxify the hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Most of my patients using Genesis Gold® have been able to cut down and even discontinue HRT with evidence of their own natural production.

The beauty of a complete natural supplement that balances the hypothalamus is that other aspects of aging and the resultant imbalances are also addressed. Genesis Gold® improves immunity, balances brain chemistry improving memory and mood swings, balances other hormones produced by the adrenals and thyroid, enhances metabolism, improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients, enhances detoxification and cellular energy production.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Blessings of Abundant Health,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP

Intuitive Integrative Medicine

Full Circle Family Health




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