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Welcome to Hormones in Harmony where I shall share pearls of wisdom gathered over two decades of consulting with the hormonally challenged. As a holistic nurse practitioner specializing in neuro-immune-endocrinology, I have merged my western education with eastern philosophies, but the key to being a successful healer is to embody physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. At 54, married for 32 years with two grown children, I strive to keep my Hormones in Harmony with a positive attitude, a loving environment, and faithful consumption of Genesis Gold.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a year!

I began 2008 by launching my debut novel. LoveDance won Best Spiritual fiction yet my publisher refused to distribute it, so after six months of struggle, I now own the rights to my book. In western medical training, we do not any education in business skills, so thankfully, my foray into the world of publishing honed my feeble business skills. Enough so that I have joined forces with a dear friend of mine in a new business venture...Full-Life-Solutions...where we aspire to educate patients, empower our colleagues, and improve the business of delivering health care services. Since graduating from nursing school, I have always envisioned "changing the face of health care", perhaps this partnership will provide the vehicle in which to integrate alternative and conventional medical practice with an innovative business model.

The spring found me lecturing to my colleagues regarding integrating their medical practices. With much encouragement, I developed training modules to share my holistic approach. Last summer, I was asked to present a workshop on therapeutic nutrition, which I began with an introduction to the model of health care I developed over the past 25 years. DMAR Health was well received by the doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, many of them commenting that they felt empowered to finally begin practicing integrative medicine.

How exciting to be reinventing the health care once again. It is high time for a full examination of and holistic treatment for our ailing health care delivery system. I hope with the coming of the new administration that all aspects of health care will be considered. There is room for all healers...conventional and complementary...at the table. Holistic medicine speaks for itself. The healthiest state in the nation- Utah- has the lowest conventional health care costs and the highest expenditure on supplements. Therapeutic nutrition and alternative therapies are in demand because people want to heal themselves. It is time for healers to truly partner with their patients. Let's educate, not medicate!

I am honored that Hormones in Harmony was picked as one of the top 50 alternative blogs on LiveSmart. Thank you!

Have an abundantly healthy New Year!



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